This site provides information about traveling to Thailand, and gives you a comprehensive list of all of the foreign embassies and consulate in Thailand.  

Thailand: a Vacation Paradise

Thailand, officially named the Kingdom of Thailand, is a popular vacation destination for people from everywhere around the world. Visitors will find a fascinating culture, tropical weather, and excellent beaches. A large country, Thailand offers diverse activities for many tastes. The luxurious resorts, pristine beaches, and majestic mountains let visitors experience variety in their vacation. Rafters, trekkers, backpackers, and climbers will all find a lush playground for their favorite pursuits. Everything from economy holidays to the most luxurious of holidays are available.

Climate of Thailand

Thailand is a tropical country, so an environment of heat and humidity is the norm. However, there are subtle differences in the weather which might influence the scheduling of a Thailand vacation. These are generalizations and different parts of the country may not follow these patterns precisely.

The rainy season is from July to October. Visitors are almost certain to experience a tropical monsoon during this time, and there is a possibility of flooding. The hot season runs from March to June. While the weather is appropriate for enjoying the relaxing tropical pleasures of the country, this is not the best time for trekking or sightseeing, as the temperatures can reach 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees centigrade). Finally, the best time to visit, as far as the weather, is the cool season from November to the end of February. The rain is usually quite light. While still warm, the temperatures in the mountains can be as low as 5 degrees centigrade. Most tourists visit during this time, so because of demand hotels and flights may be more expensive.

pass and visas 

Thailand Entry Requirements


Visitors should hold a passport that is valid for at least six months after the date of entry into Thailand. The passport should be in good shape and should not have pages missing, or entry into the country can be refused.


Most people do not need a visa to visit. British and U.S. citizens who don't plan to stay more than 30 days do not need a visa. This is true only if the visitor has not been in Thailand for more than 90 days during the previous six months. A 30-day permit is issued at the airport or border crossing.  

Visitors who want to stay in Thailand for more than 30 days must plan ahead. The Royal Thai Embassy issues 60-day tourist visas. Overstaying a visa can result in a fine, detention, deportation, and not being allowed to enter Thailand again.

Beware of visas issued by anyone other than those from the Thai Embassy or Consulate, an official immigration office, or at a point of entry to Thailand. Visas from travel agents and visa shops are very likely illegal.